Threat of Darkness

A while back I told you about book one in the Defenders series by Valerie Hansen. Book two, Threat of Darkness revisits the small town of Serentiy and Nurse Samantha Rochard. Abused as a child, Samantha has made it her life goal to help abused children. This desire gets her into more messes than you’d expect.

When a young man brings in a small child that ingested his illegal drugs Samantha’s world is shaken. Someone believes the man passed off a package to her and they will stop at nothing to get it back. To complicate matters her former boyfriend Detective John Waltham has come back to town, and he is determined to protect her from all the trouble that follows her.

This story is packed with disaster after disaster for Samantha, and John takes a few blows too. If you enjoy action and trying to solve a mystery then this romantic suspense may be just what you’re looking for. Happy reading:)


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