Always the Designer Never the Bride

Sandra D. Bricker delivers another delightful romance in the third book of what I’ve dubbed the Tanglewood Brides Series but in reality it’s the Emma Ray Creation series.

Always the Designer Never the Bride features Audrey Regan a wedding dress designer on her last thread. Audrey returns to Atlanta and the Tanglewood Inn to be in her best friend’s wedding and fears the dress she designed for her friend may be her last creation unless she can get a celebrity client.

This book includes all the characters from the other books in the series which made it a little confusing for this name challenged reader, but eventually I was able to keep the characters straight. If you’ve been reading this series I recommend this latest installment–you won’t be disappointed. If you haven’t read book one and two you could read Always the Designer Never the Bride as a stand alone, but I recommend starting from book one.


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