Injustice For All

Although Injustice For All, by Robin Caroll is a Suspense and not a romance I LOVED it. There was just enough romance to satisfy me and the story was so well written it was hard to put down. If you’re a fan of Dee Henderson I think you’d enjoy this book. Incidentally Dee has a new book coming out this fall.:)

When Remington Ryatt witnesses the murder of her godfather  at the hand of two FBI agents she flees. She knows these men and suspects they’d stop at nothing to silence her.  She takes the emergency money her godfather keeps in the house and runs creating a new identity for herself in the process.

FBI agent Rafe Baxter is transferred to Little Rock and is stuck working a cold case. But this isn’t just any cold case, it’s the murder of a Federal Judge and Rafe hopes solving it will advance his career.

Rafe follows a clue to Hopewell Louisiana to followup on the information. But what he uncovers is much more than he expected.

Be looking for the second book in The Justice Seekers Series, To Write a Wrong, to be released in September 2012. Don’t let the fact that it’s a series deter you, Injustice For All doesn’t leave you hanging.


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