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Threat of Darkness

A while back I told you about book one in the Defenders series by Valerie Hansen. Book two, Threat of Darkness revisits the small town of Serentiy and Nurse Samantha Rochard. Abused as a child, Samantha has made it her life goal to help abused children. This desire gets her into more messes than you’d expect.

When a young man brings in a small child that ingested his illegal drugs Samantha’s world is shaken. Someone believes the man passed off a package to her and they will stop at nothing to get it back. To complicate matters her former boyfriend Detective John Waltham has come back to town, and he is determined to protect her from all the trouble that follows her.

This story is packed with disaster after disaster for Samantha, and John takes a few blows too. If you enjoy action and trying to solve a mystery then this romantic suspense may be just what you’re looking for. Happy reading:)


The Wonder of Your Love

I didn’t want The Wonder of Your Love to end. Beth Wiseman’s latest installment to A Land of Canaan series entertained me and drew me into her story world.

New mom, Katie Ann Stoltzfus, lives in a small Amish community surrounded by her late husband’s family. Her infant son is her life, and she’s thrilled to be a mother even if she is almost old enough to be her son’s grandmother.

Eli Detweiler comes to Canaan to attend a wedding and visit family. He raised six kids on his own because his wife died while giving birth and he’s looking forward to the next phase in his life. His dream is to travel and Canaan is his first stop. When he see’s a woman that looks to be around his age with a baby he assumes it’s her grandson, but quickly finds out she’s the boy’s mother. He’s drawn to Katie Ann, but makes it clear he’s not interested in anything but friendship. He’s raised his family and he’s done with kids.

I don’t want to spoil the story for you, so I’ll leave it at that. I really enjoyed The Wonder of Your Love even though it’s the only book in the series I’ve read. It easily stands alone.

Always the Designer Never the Bride

Sandra D. Bricker delivers another delightful romance in the third book of what I’ve dubbed the Tanglewood Brides Series but in reality it’s the Emma Ray Creation series.

Always the Designer Never the Bride features Audrey Regan a wedding dress designer on her last thread. Audrey returns to Atlanta and the Tanglewood Inn to be in her best friend’s wedding and fears the dress she designed for her friend may be her last creation unless she can get a celebrity client.

This book includes all the characters from the other books in the series which made it a little confusing for this name challenged reader, but eventually I was able to keep the characters straight. If you’ve been reading this series I recommend this latest installment–you won’t be disappointed. If you haven’t read book one and two you could read Always the Designer Never the Bride as a stand alone, but I recommend starting from book one.

Injustice For All

Although Injustice For All,¬†by Robin Caroll is a Suspense and not a romance I LOVED it. There was just enough romance to satisfy me and the story was so well written it was hard to put down. If you’re a fan of Dee Henderson I think you’d enjoy this book. Incidentally Dee has a new book coming out this fall.:)

When Remington Ryatt witnesses the murder of her godfather¬† at the hand of two FBI agents she flees. She knows these men and suspects they’d stop at nothing to silence her.¬† She takes the emergency money her godfather keeps in the house and runs creating a new identity for herself in the process.

FBI agent Rafe Baxter is transferred to Little Rock and is stuck working a cold case. But this isn’t just any cold case, it’s the murder of a Federal Judge and Rafe hopes solving it will advance his career.

Rafe follows a clue to Hopewell Louisiana to followup on the information. But what he uncovers is much more than he expected.

Be looking for the second book in The Justice Seekers Series, To Write a Wrong, to be released in September 2012. Don’t let the fact that it’s a series deter you, Injustice For All doesn’t leave you hanging.