Autumn’s Shadow

Autumn’s Shadow by Lyn Cote is a mystery romance that takes place in a small Wisconsin town.

Although she’s from a wealthy family, Keely Turner, wants to make it on her own and help others in the process. But things get complicated when she takes on the position of high school principal. Thanks to the fact that she’s a Turner, there are people in town who don’t want her to succeed. And someone is going out of his way to make things tough for her.

Burke Sloan accepted the position as a Sheriff’s deputy thinking small town life would be good for his nephew and a nice change of pace. But from the moment he arrives, this small community is anything but quiet.

I’ll admit, if I hadn’t downloaded Autumn’s Shadow for free I probably wouldn’t have noticed it. I’m not drawn to dark book covers, but this book delivers. The romance thread is strong and I was kept guessing whodunit all the way until his identity was revealed.


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