An Accidental Hero

An Accidental Hero, by Loree Lough released back 2003, and is no longer available as a single title. It re-released in 2011 as two books in one (pictured). I have the original, so I haven’t read the second book included in the newer release.

In An Accidental Hero Cami returns home to Texas after failing to make it in Hollywood. On her way back into town Cami is preoccupied, she runs a red light and gets t-boned by rodeo star Reid Alexander.

Reid is instantly attracted to Cami and can’t shake how familiar she looks. He soon realizes she’s familiar because she is the daughter of the woman he t-boned in that same intersection when he was a teen, only that time the results were deadly. Does he have a chance with Cami, or will she be able to forgive him and overcome their past?

An Accidental Hero is an entertaining, easy read. To see more books by prolific author Loree Lough you may visit her website at


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