Love Finds You In Camelot Tennessee

Love Finds You in Camelot Tennessee, by Janice Hanna is more than a quirky romance about two people who love their town and want to save it. It’s a story about a small community that joins together for a greater good and in the process accomplishes what everyone thought was impossible.

Camelot is filled with street names like Excalibur Drive and Lancelot Lane that help  inspire Amy Hart’s latest idea which she runs past her best friend Steve, the Mayor of Camelot, for approval.

Steve would do about anything to save the town including taking on the biggest job of his life–Putting on the musical Camelot to draw tourists to the small town.

Love Finds You in Camelot Tennessee is a laugh out loud read that is sure to entertain.


2 thoughts on “Love Finds You In Camelot Tennessee

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