A Hope Undaunted

A Hope Undaunted, a historical romance  by Julie Lessman had me riveted. Usually it takes a romantic suspense to do that, but this book delivered with plenty of natural tension.

Katie O’Connor has her life all planned out. She will marry a wealthy man and become an attorney representing women’s rights. But when her boyfriend delivers her home late one time too many her dad grounds her for the summer and forces her to volunteer at  Boston Children’s Aid Society. A move that changes the course of her life.

Luke McGee, along with his best friend run Boston Children’s Aid Society. He is determined to make life miserable for Katie because of their past, but his boss intervenes and what could have been the longest summer in history turns out to be not so bad.

It’s a little hard to describe this book because it gets in the head of several characters and they are all woven perfectly together. I’ve never read a book like this, especially one meant for the Christian market. It addressed the challenges of life honestly, and didn’t have the normal veil we see in Christian books. I LOVED A Hope Undaunted, but it’s probably not for readers who prefer conservative Christian books.


2 thoughts on “A Hope Undaunted

  1. Julie Lessman

    WOW, Kimberly, thank you SO much for the great review!! Not sure if you post your reviews on Amazon and CBD, but if you do, I would sure love to see this there, but only if posting reviews is your thing.

    And I see you are a member of ACFW!! I sure would love to meet you this year if you go, so just want to let you know that the Seekers (a group blog I belong to devoted to helping writers on the road to publication and beyond (http://www.seekerville.blogspot.com/)), are a bunch of pubbed authors who meet in the lobby bar area after 9:00 PM each night.

    Anyway, thank you AGAIN for not only reading AHU, but for taking the time to write such a great review.



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