A Texas Legacy Christmas


I hope everyone had a merry Christmas! I have one Christmas book left to review this month. It’s not a new release, but I’m a  fairly new fan of DiAnn Mills, so I read it anyway.

A Texas Legacy Christmas is a delightful story of life’s unexpected twists and turns. Love and forgiveness unfold in this historical romance.

Newspaper man, Zack Kahler has no idea a fall on the ice will change the course of his life, but  two orphans pinch more than his wallet when they offer him help up–they take his heart as well.

Chloe Weaver, homeless and hungry secures a job at the only respectable boarding house in town. She is relieved to have plenty of food and a roof over her head, but then Zack, her childhood crush, moves back to town with two children in tow. She is immediately smitten with his children and falls in love with Zack all over again.

Check out more books by DiAnn Mills at diannmills.com


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