A Home For Christmas

A Home For Christmas  includes two stories. The Sweetest Gift by Mary Connealy, and A Christmas Angel, by Robin Lee Hatcher. I really enjoyed these sweet easy to read historical Christmas stories.

Although The Sweetest Gift used a much written plot (widower needs a wife to care for his child and marries a stranger) the story was told in a fresh way, and I LOVED it.

Spinster, librarian and concert pianist, Adelaide Snyder agrees to honor her  friend’s dying wish and marry her husband in order to care for their two-year-old daughter. Adelaide has a lot to learn about life in the country, but she is up to the challenge and earns the respect and love of her new family. She learns much about herself in the process and discovers that true love is unselfish.

In A Christmas Angel we meet a young girl who was injured in a fall and unable to walk. Desperate to help his daughter, widower, Mick Gerrard, asks his in-laws for help. Their reply isn’t what he expected.

Nurse, Jennifer Whitmore jumps at the opportunity to head out west to Idaho to help her niece. She had a school girl crush on Mitch  when he worked in her father’s mercantile. Of course he’d never noticed her and had married her stepsister. But she was determined to help her niece if she could.

I hope one day this short story will be developed into a full length novel. I really enjoyed A Christmas Angel and wanted to keep reading when the story ended even though it had a satisfying ending.


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