Remembering Christmas

During the month of December I will be focusing on Christmas Books. This weeks selection is, Remembering Christmas, by Dan Walsh. As is my criteria for reviewing anything it must have romance and this book doesn’t disappoint. It’s a rather unique story that opens in present day, but quickly goes back to the eighty’s when Rick is called home to Florida because his stepfather suffered an aneurysm.

Rick Denton is on the fast track in the financial world and resents the intrusion into his life, but he does the right thing and takes vacation time to run his parents’ book store. While working there he meets some interesting individuals who gradually change his outlook on who he thought his stepfather was and what’s important in life.

Single mom, Andrea works part time at the Book Nook and teaches Rick the basics of running the place and much more. Andrea along with her little daughter open Rick’s eyes to the man he refused to accept as dad and teach him the true meaning of love.

Remembering Christmas is a touching story of forgiveness and new beginnings. Check out Dan Walsh’s web site and enter his giveaway at


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