A Biltmore Christmas

The four novellas in A Biltmore Christmas are sure to delight anyone who enjoys a sweet romance. Each story follows orphaned sisters as they venture out on their own, away from the orphanage.

In A Carolina Christmas, Charity Bradford moves to the Biltmore estate to be a servant and meets Clay while visiting the stable. She assumes he is an employee of the estate and the two strike up a fast friendship.

In A Proper Christmas, Selma Bradford is hired to be a chambermaid at the Biltford  estate during the busy holiday season. On her first morning at work she walks into Jacob Sinclair’s bedchamber and is shocked to find he is there. He is intrigued by Selma, and you’ll just have to read it to find out the rest.:)

In A Honey of a Christmas, Peggy Bradford works in the kitchen at the Biltford estate. She is the oldest of the sisters and considers herself an old maid. One day while on a break she meets a boy who is struggling with reading. She decides to help him and is shocked to find out he is the son of the gardeners assistant, the same man she’d met along the road who assisted her when she was sent to find out what happened to the honey delivery.

In the final novella, An Accidental Christmas, Melissa Bradford wishes she’d been born a boy since she has no household skills and excels with mechanical things. After an unfortunate laundry incident, she takes a horse from the stable and races away. When she rounds a bend she is surprised by a horseless carriage which subsequently crashes.

Even though these are sweet romance stories they each had a fair amount of tension and had me rushing through to find out what would happen. Although I generally don’t  read historical novels,  I enjoyed the innocence of the heroines and the old fashioned men in A Biltmore Christmas.

Be sure to check back next week, when I post an interview with Pamela S. Meyers.

I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving and find a little time to read.


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