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Love Finds You in Martha’s Vineyard

Melody Carlson delivers a nice balance between humor and seriousness in Love Finds You in Martha’s Vineyard, with quirky characters that will make you laugh and cry.

Waverly Brennan’s mother purchases the gallery in Martha’s Vineyard and asks her daughter to run the place. Excited at the opportunity of running an art gallery, Waverly leaves her life in Chicago only to discover that the gallery wasn’t what she expected. But things look up when she meets Blake Erikson and his daughter.

I am doing a one-time give away, this week only, for a signed copy of Love Finds You in Martha’s Vineyard. To enter tell me the name of your favorite book in the comment section of this post. Don’t forget to leave your email so I may contact you if you win. Remember to spell out words like (dot) and (at).

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Always the Wedding Planner Never the Bride

Sandra D. Bricker’s, Always the Wedding Planner Never the Bride is a continuation of her Tanglewood Inn series. Actually I don’t know what the series is called, but this is the third book that takes place there, so I’m dubbing it the Tanglewood series.

In Always the Planner…  we follow  Sherilyn as she takes on the position of wedding planner at the Tanglewood Inn where her best friend is the baker. Her fiance is a sports medicine doctor and moves along with Sherilyn to Atlanta where he will be working at a sports clinic. Their first goal as a couple is to find and purchase the perfect house, but Sherilyn gets more than she bargained for when Andy discovers a stray dog on the edge of the property and decides to keep him. Sherilyn is not a dog person. Sherilyn continues to stay at the hotel while Andy moves into the house so he can be with his dog.

I enjoyed seeing the progression of their relationship and reading the craziness that every bride goes through to some degree, hopefully not as much as this couple though.

Always the Planner Never the Bride was an enjoyable read and I hope you like it also. The address below will take you to it on Amazon.

The Gathering Storm

The Gathering Storm, by Barbara Warren is a “whodunnit” that was recently re-released in e-book format. I first read this book several years ago, but have never forgotten it, so I think it’s worth telling you about.

Stephanie Walker hasn’t seen or spoken to her father since the day of her mother’s funeral three years ago, but he shows up unexpected an asks her to come to the Harrington Lodge in the Ozarks and keep an eye out for him. He suspects something is going on and he trusts his daughter to tell him the truth.

However, Stephanie doesn’t trust her father and refuses to oblige. She’s surprised at how easily he leaves, until she realizes he stole her treasured necklace, the one thing that would get her to follow him. She immediately sets out in a storm to retrieve the necklace. When she arrives at the lodge she is directed to her dad’s room and what awaits her on the other side of the door no daughter should ever have to see.

What follows is a suspenseful “whodunnit” and a romance worth reading. I hope you take the time to check out The Gathering Storm.

On a personal note I adore Barbara. She edited a couple of my manuscripts and taught me a lot of what I know about plotting and writing in general. And for those skeptics out there–no, I did not give her a good review because I like her. This review is much deserved.

On another topic, I have some exciting news. Starting soon I’ll be interspersing author interviews into my regular reviews. I’m excited about this new venture and hope you’ll decide to become a follower. To follow this blog look for the “follow” button on the bottom right hand of your screen and click.  All you have to do is leave your email and the posts will automatically be sent to your in box.

Until next time. Happy reading.

Hidden in the Everglades

As a writer, I’m in the process of putting together a book proposal. Part of the proposal is finding books that are similar in some way to the book that I am pitching. My search came up with Hidden in the Everglades, by Margaret Daley, about a former cop turned bodyguard. The similarity between that and my own storyline is eerie. Thankfully that’s where the similarity ends.

I must confess I haven’t finished this book yet, but so far I’m impressed. It’s fast paced, and if you like that kind of read, then you will love Hidden in the Everglades.

The story opens with a murder and a former female cop coming to the rescue. By the end of the first chapter two people are dead, one is missing and the killer is on the loose. Because this is a romantic suspense there is also romantic tension between the female cop, turned bodyguard business owner and the doctor who happens to be the brother of the missing teen.

I know I didn’t give you much information this week, but I just started the book yesterday and had little time to read. That being said, I will make time to read this book. The plot is compelling and I anticipate it being a fast read.

I’d love to hear what books you are reading and what you recommend.

Fantasic Christian Fiction Finder

Have you ever wondered how to find out about all the Christian novels out there? Let’s face it, the book stores can’t carry all the novels available and it’s almost impossible to discover a new author at one of the one line retailers. American Christian Fiction Writers has come up with an answer to this problem. The organization better known as ACFW has created a fiction finder site that lists books by genre and gives you a blurb about the book.

Check out to find your next great read.

For those of you hoping to see a book review, check back next week. I’ve been extremely busy trying to finish my current manuscript and my reading time has dwindled. I anticipate having a fabulous book to tell you about next Monday.

Happy reading.