What I like about Fall

As the title suggests I like fall. Here in the northwest we have all four seasons. But the best part about fall for me is the cooler weather. Yes, I’m one of those people who prefer moderate temps and some rain now and then. Below is my top ten list of things I like about fall. I’d love to hear what season is your favorite and why.

If you were hoping for a book review, I’m sorry. I only review books I really like at last week was a dud. Hopefully I’ll have some exciting title to tell you about next week. Now on with the list in no particular order.

1. School is back in session

2. Cooler weather

3. The smell of the air

4. The change in daylight hours. I love long days, but I also enjoy how cool the nights get because of fewer daylight hours

5. Pumpkin anything

6. Fall flowers

7. Colorful leaves

8. Thanksgiving

9. Apple cider

10.The general feel of anticipation in the air about what’s to come–holidays, weather, work, etc… For me it’s strongest in the fall.


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