Like many aspiring writers and those already published, the news that Heartsong Presents would be closing hit me in the gut. My agent had sent a proposal for a manuscript I had written specifically for them. There really is no other major outlet to submit it to.

I spent two days devastated over the news. Then another week thinking about what I should do. I’m tossing around the idea of posting a chapter every Friday on this blog. If I do, will I ruin any chance of ever getting my baby published?

What’s your opinion? As a teaser, I’ll post a summary below. Let me know what you think. Do you want to read this story?

Jen Connelly has a problem. She’s fallen for her best friend’s brother and he treats her like a sister. She’d do almost anything to win his affection, but she didn’t anticipate the destruction that awaited her.

While standing in line at the bank Jen witnesses a bank robbery. She recognizes the tattoo on the thief’s arm and without thinking looks at his face, earning herself a smack on the head with the butt of his gun. As the assailant flees the bank he turns and fires at Jen, hitting her in the chest.

Adam Miller’s gut clenches when he gets a call no man ever wants. The woman he is falling for has been shot in a bank hold up.

The police are unsuccessful in apprehending the robber. They suspect Jen knows the robber and push her to help their case. Unfortunately she is suffering from selective memory loss and can’t remember anything about the holdup.



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